BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ APK Pre-Registration

BLACK STELLA APK: BLACK STELLA Iи:FernØ is a new game for Android and IOS, Black Selle is a Multiplayer, JRPG, and RPG Game for mobile devices. The release date of this game is 24 June 2022, CyberStep publishes this game, INC. Black Stella game has over 3,850 pre-registration players and more than 3,940 Followers on the website.


Black Stella is a “mystic RPG” with a setting provided by Girls Und Panzer’s Takaaki Suzuki, a scenario written by Saekano’s Fumiaki Maruto, Re: Zero’s Tappei Nagatsuki, and Lugal Gigam’s Yoshiaki Inaba.

The new BLACK STELLA Iи: FernØ will inherit the world of the demons that attacked Tokyo and will be played as a multiplayer real-time battle game. In addition, the characters will also be modeled in 3D in order to faithfully reproduce the artwork of the character designer OGch.

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